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Welcome to the TwoMagicPixels official web store!

Shipping details

All our graphs can be downloaded immediately, once purchase goes through. The row-by-row counts will be e-mailed manually within 1-3 days once you've contacted us with the name of the graph you purchased them for.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Due to the nature of our products (instant digital downloads), we can only offer refunds if you can prove that a product's description is misleading or incorrect. Please make sure you have read the description properly before purchasing!

Additional information

- Please note that our discount coupons can NOT be used for custom projects (including requests). Any custom order purchased with coupons will be refunded and void, unless the discounted difference is paid.
- You are allowed to share the sample image from any of our graphs (which is also displayed on our website for each product), but without removing our company's name or any other graphical elements. Please note that some groups will not allow you to post the designer's name. In this case you are not allowed to post our sample images in those groups.
- Sample images aside, please note that you are not allowed to share the products you have received from Two Magic Pixels (either paid or for free), either fully or partially, in any way, unless you have been given permission to do so. The only exception to this rule is for full custom orders, that have been created for a single person by request. In this case they have full permissions for that file.

Beautiful graphs for crochet, cross stitch and other crafts

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