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  Welcome to the official Two Magic Pixels website! It has been a long time in the making and an even longer one in planning, but it's finally here. For a better experience, we have implemented a bunch of new features and improvements:

comprehensive item descriptions, with all the details you need for an informed purchase
real instant download, with download buttons available directly after checkout
a website account, which will allow you to also download your purchases anytime in the future
old orders retrieval, which will populate your new account with products purchased in the past (some exceptions apply here, mainly the row-by-row counts and products purchased as custom orders)
instant "Add to cart" button on all thumbnails (the little icon)
integrated C2C and SC row-by-row counts purchase (just add them to your cart before checkout, if not already included)

  Various other features are planned for the future, as this new website will also allow us to interact better with our Supporters, so stay tuned! Hope you like the new look and please feel free to let us know what you think and if you want anything added or improved!!

  Thank You and Happy Shopping!
  The Two Magic Pixels.
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