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Dallas Cowboys Scarf 5 101 x 15
This graph comes with C2C row-by-row counts included
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Dallas Cowboys Scarf 5 by Two Magic Pixels
Please read the description below carefully:

  "Dallas Cowboys Scarf 5" is a digital graph (available in PDF format only) that can be used to crochet a scarf using various big-stitch techniques, such as C2C, Mini C2C, DC or Bobble Stitch.
  Due to its reduced size, this graph is not recommended for small-stitch techniques, such as SC or even HDC/TSS, if worked with a small hook. Check out the Sizes section below for more details.
  Alternatively, you can use this product for cross stitch, knitting, hama beads, plastic canvas, diamond painting and other crafts.
  Please note that the sample image is not a photo of a finished scarf! It is only a digitally-edited image meant to showcase our product.

  The size of this graph is 101 squares wide by 15 squares high. The finished size depends on the graph size, but also on your technique and stitch of choice, hook size, yarn thickness etc. You can use these calculators to get an idea about the finished size of your crochet project:
C2C: C2C/Mini C2C Finished Size Calculator
SC: SC/DC/HDC Finished Size Calculator

  This graph has 2 colors, as follows:
  To calculate the amount of yarn needed, as well as the cost for this project, please use the calculators linked below:
C2C: C2C/Mini C2C Yarn Calculator
SC: SC/DC/HDC Yarn Calculator

  The PDF file contains:
● sample image (digitally edited, not a photo of a finished blanket)
● the full graph on a single page
● the graph split in smaller sections on multiple pages
● graph information (size, colors, links to finished size and yarn calculators)
● C2C row-by-row counts (given the small graph size, there are no SC row-by-row counts available for this graph)
  The PDF file does not contain:
● yarn, hook or technique suggestions; it is your project, not ours, and you have full freedom to work it however you like
● any sort of tutorial for crochet or other crafts

  This graph comes with C2C row-by-row counts included. Given the small graph size, a version with SC row-by-row counts is currently not available.

  Please click on the links below to download sample PDF files showcasing our graphs and row-by-row counts:
sample graph
sample C2C row-by-row counts
sample SC row-by-row counts

  The purchased file(s) will be available for download immediately, once your payment has been processed. Please be patient and wait for the order confirmation page to load up!
  The file(s) can be also downloaded later from your account.

  This product is available in digital format only (downloadable PDF file). Unfortunately we cannot print the files for you, nor "snail mail" them to you.
  All payments are processed online through PayPal. We cannot accept bank transfers, cash by "snail mail" or other types of payment.
  Because this product is available for instant download once payment goes through, no refunds are available.
  These terms & conditions can be adjusted over time; please make sure to read them carefully whenever you want to make a purchase.
  By purchasing the item(s) described on this page, you confirm your agreement with these terms & conditions.

  Q: What hook, stitch, yarn was used to make this item? What hook, stitch, yarn do you recommend?
  A: The sample image is not a photo of a finished product, it's a digitally-edited image meant to showcase our graph. This is your project, you have the freedom to choose how to work it, while keeping in mind the sizes mentioned at the top of the description. There is no "standard" hook, stitch, technique or yarn brand. If you're looking for suggestions or ideas, feel free to post this type of questions in our Crochet Group on Facebook, you're guaranteed to receive a lot of recommendations from other crocheters.

Thank you for your visit!
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