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Product delivery
  All our products are digital items available for instant download. Please note that we cannot print the files ourselves and mail them to you to a physical address. For anyone needing our approval to print them at the local print shop, this stands as a confirmation that you are allowed to do so for 1 (one) copy.
Finished products & licensing
  Our products are created for personal use only, and we do not recommend selling the finished products made using them. However, you are not forbidden to do so, and - if you decide to go that route - please note that any licensing procedures will be yours to deal with. No credit is necessary for our work, but you are not allowed to attach our products to your finished items in any way, fully or partially, printed or in digital format.
Refunds, returns & exchanges
  Due to the nature of our products (instant digital downloads), we can only offer refunds if you can prove that a product's description is misleading or incorrect. By purchasing one of our products, you confirm that you have read the description of that product properly and thoroughly.
Discount coupons
  Please note that our discount coupons can NOT be used for custom projects (including requests). Any custom order purchased with coupons will be refunded and void, unless the discounted difference is paid.
Sharing our work
  You are allowed to share the sample image from any of our graphs (which is displayed on the web page of each product), but without removing the Two Magic Pixels branding or any other graphical elements. Please note that some groups will not allow you to post the designer's name. In this case you are not allowed to post our sample images there.
  Sample images aside, please note that you are not allowed to share the products you have received from Two Magic Pixels (either paid or for free), in any way, neither fully nor partially, unless you have been granted permission to do so. The only exception to this rule is for full custom orders, that have been created for a single person and are not re-sold in our shop. In this case the customer has full permissions for that file, and is free to do whatever they like with it.
  All items sold in our online shop or dispatched through the Supporter Account are tagged with the user ID of the person who has downloaded them. This means that if a file is shared, we can tell precisely what account originally shared that file. If such files are found floating on the Internet, we will take swift action against the owner of the respective account. This may comprise - but is not limited to - disabling the user's account and restrict access to the Supporter Account.
  If we are able to identify the user in person (which is not that difficult, given that we have all billing details), we will not shy away from taking the appropriate legal action.
  Furthermore, engaging in Facebook groups or other online communities where our files are illegally shared will also result in your account(s) being restricted immediately.
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